You Never Know Where it’s Going to Go with Marianne Biangardi

Episode Summary:

In today’s episode with Marianne Biangardi we discuss fighting through the frustrations, stepping out of your comfort zone, making “one day” today, focusing on the positive and visualizing your goals.


About Marianne:

Marianne Biangardi is a Business Development and Client Service Leader for Schmersahl Treloar. She studied  Fine Arts and Graphic Design abroad at SACI international, and graduating from Fontbonne University with a BFA, Marianne began her career working in the accounting industry. A few years in, she made more of a leap from administration into the marketing and practice development area of the firm. Her clients and connections are predominantly in the Manufacturing, Distribution, and Construction industries. She has a gift and passion for connecting people and was recently nominated as one of the “Top 100 People to Know to Succeed in Business” – From the St. Louis SBM. Marianne is also a member of St. Louis Makes Manufacturing, The American Subcontractors Midwest, and the SITE Improvement Organization. Her talents include building strategic partnerships and maintaining client relationships An enthusiastic member of her community she enjoys distance running and her volunteer roles in the fitness industry with MSE Racing and others.  Fun Facts – A mom of three kids Zoey, Claire, Ronin, and three furry kids (2 cats and a dog) she enjoys spending a great deal of time with her family and friends. She is also an avid St. Louis Blues Hockey Fan.


In today’s episode:

  • fighting through the frustrations
  • stepping out of your comfort zone
  • make “one day” today
  • focusing on the positive
  • visualizing your goals
  • the keys to great networking



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