When Opportunity Meets Preparedness with James Monroe

Episode Summary:

When you know numbers, nothing can stop you from achieving the numbers you want in life! James Monroe talks about the importance of getting a financial education to get the life you want.


About James:

James Monroe is with Oregon Pacific Financial Advisors. He loves to teach families and individuals how money works and how to better manage their money in a simple and common-sense way.

He grew up in Southern California and Southern Washington and has been in the financial industry since 2006.  

He moved to Medford, OR in 2017 and after only 1 year, placed 2nd in the Best of the Best of Southern Oregon in the Financial Advisor category and qualified in the top ten of emerging leaders for Southern Oregon.



In today’s episode:

  • Designing the Life you want through personal and financial health
  • Sweat equity
  • Getting a financial education
  • Having a  sports mindset for business
  • If you know your numbers, what’s stopping you from achieving them?
  • Learning to accept “no”


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