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About Kimberly Lebbing:

Kim Lebbing is a Success and Mindset Expert with 10 years of experience in the coaching industry, Kim has a proven track record of getting massive results for her clients. She is an NLP Master Coach and Trainer (Neurolinguistic Programming) and has aligned with 3 different schools for her NLP Certifications over the last 8 years. Kim has created a unique 4 Hour Process that rapidly shifts minds to ignite the fire and motivation that will help you take massive action to reach your highest goals without time-consuming seminars, training, and/or programs. She gets to the root of the problem and fixes it so that you can have rapid results and can make massive leaps in your business and your life.

In today’s episode:

  • Kim introduces herself and her business.
  • What is Neurolinguistic Programming?
  • Getting massive results for your business and team.
  • Working with the subconscious.
  • Find Kim’s free training at: 4hourresults.live

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