The Pitfalls of People Pleasing: How Entrepreneurial Success Can Suffer When You’re Constantly Seeking Approval with Kim Lebbing

“I said yes to this because of the validation, because of the people pleasing aspect. Not because it aligned with my goals, not  because it was something that aligned with  me.” – Kim Lebbing


Episode Summary:

Do you feel overwhelmed by your calendar? Do you feel guilty when you say no to people? Being a people pleaser can make it hard to prioritize, and focus on the things that align with your goals and values. Learn how to work with that people pleasing mentality and start putting your priorities first without feeling needlessly guilty!


About Kim Lebbing:

Entrepreneurs hire Kim Lebbing to overcome personal and professional hurdles because most are frustrated or feeling “off” with their business or relationships and don’t know why or how to move through it.

She helps them go from confusion to clarity, frustrated to fulfilled, and stuck to unstoppable!

Kim has over 796 Hours of Training, 5 Expert Certifications in Neuro-linguistics, and 14 Top-Level Trainings from 3 different programs over the last eight years, which means that she has studied and extracted the best elements of a very complex process so that you can experience true transformation and alignment with your goals.


In today’s episode:

  • How people pleasing can negatively impact an entrepreneur’s success
  • How people pleasing can manifest
  • Saying yes to the wrong things, the ultimate distraction
  • The deeper reason behind the need for validation
  • 4 key steps to stop people-pleasing


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