"I’m not quite sure where to start….I was kind of skeptical about the whole process. BOY WAS I WRONG!! I can tell you if you submerge yourself and trust the process and Kim, you will get results and they will happen VERY quickly! Kim was able to accomplish in four hours what years of therapy could not and my business has skyrocketed since the Rapid Results appointment. Plus, as a bonus, communication within my personal relationships has improved drastically! I am now considering another session to work on some other areas. This is one of the BEST INVESTMENTS I could have made for my business and my life!" 
- Barb

"Kim helped me release the old patterns I'd had in my brain for most of my life. She was gentle and understanding and I looked forward to our weekly meetings. I felt so much lighter after our sessions together. Years of feeling scared and inadequate melted away so quickly after speaking with her. It was amazing!" - Heid

"I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I do not blame myself for things in the past. I am more at ease with myself. Kim has a great ability to guide and lead, she is also very caring and passionate about helping others. Her knowledge and dedication to helping others is clearly a gift and I am happy to know her and trust her expertise in her field." - Brenda

"You shared what you know with me so that I can live my best life. I'm grateful for your kindness, your wisdom, your empathy, but most of all I'm grateful for you seeing and listening to me. I never felt silly, or embarrassed with you. You never judged me, you just simply helped me, help me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Nancy

"Before I started Kimberly's Rapid Results and 90 Day Program, I was absolutely not clear on my future path.  I had so many ideas and options which felt confusing and overwhelming.  Kimberly helped me become clear on my goals.  By eliminating limiting beliefs, I could actually feel myself becoming more and more confident in my decisions moving forward.  Each goal that Kimberly helped me set allowed me to feel excited for my future with the confidence that I can actually accomplish and achieve these goals!  I love the strategies, techniques, and the exercises that Kimberly took me through to solidify these new beliefs at an unconscious level.  I completely feel like a new, more motivated, inspired person.  If you are looking for a program to help guide you and achieve the success that you want, I highly recommend Kimberly's program!" - Cindy

”Yesterday was EMPOWERING. I can see how this will radically shift my entire life. So happy I leaped into this unknown with you." - Kelly

"4 weeks ago, my only child, 18 year old Nicholas, suffered a massive heart attack and went to heaven. I've never experienced such a trauma in my life.  Now, 4 weeks later, emotions are still running raw.  After working with Kimberly, the emotional charge greatly diminished, leaving me with more peace, freedom and power so I can make the difference I know I'm here to make!  I HIGHLY recommend working with Kimberly.  She has so many powerful tools to make a difference in your personal and professional life." - Connie

"Kim Lebbing was able to help my teenage daughter lift her depressive symptoms in just one session of Timeline Therapy. She is thorough and cares about your outcome. My daughter’s words were “I feel relieved.” As her mother, I can attest she looks like she is relieved, and her affect is lighter. I feel like we got our daughter back! It’s good to see her smiling again. Thank you Kim , for helping her have a breakthrough." - Lisa P.