Take Control of Your Credit with Jackie Hug

Episode Summary:

Jackie Hug warns business owners, and hardworking individuals of the pitfalls of having bad credit or no credit. Don’t let your bad credit control your life, learn from Jackie today how you can get back to a successful place.


About Jackie:

Jackie Hug is a personal and Business Credit Specialist (I consider her an expert) and the owner and CEO of Credit Defenders. She and her husband are serial entrepreneurs with multiple businesses in the real estate industry and even owned a food truck that they recently sold this past December. 


In today’s episode:

  • Serial entrepreneurship and having fun with your business
  • How Credit Defenders came to be
  • Mistakes that business owners make in regards to credit
  • Breaking through the mental barriers people have in regards to money and credit
  • The importance of staying motivated when dealing with client problems


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