Success Through Alignment: How Trusting Yourself Can Lead to New Levels of Success with Kim Lebbing

“When we slow down, that can help us speed up.” – Kim Lebbing


Episode Summary:

Does your work feel like a constant uphill battle? Do your life and business feel out of alignment? Are you following someone else’s path to success and unhappy with the results?

As we celebrate our 50th episode, Kim shares her own “wake-up call” she experienced when she realized she had been following someone else’s roadmap for too long. She’ll share how she was able to break free and trust herself, which ultimately became her most profitable business strategy yet.

Listeners will gain valuable insights on determining if they are aligned with their goals and strategies, and how to make course corrections if necessary.

Whether you’ve been with us since day one or are tuning in for the first time, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to reach their highest potential. So sit back, relax, and join us in celebrating 50 episodes of growth, learning, and transformation!


About Kim Lebbing

Kim Lebbing empowers entrepreneurs to overcome subconscious barriers so they can shift from confusion to clarity, frustration to fulfillment, and transform into an unstoppable force!

With over 796 Hours of Training, 5 Expert Certifications, and 14 Top-Level Training in Neurolinguistic-based Transformational Coaching from 3 different programs over the last eight years means that she has studied and intuitively extracted the best elements to create her own proven process so that heart-centered entrepreneurs can experience true alignment with their goals at a soul level.


In today’s episode:

  • Celebrating 50 episodes!
  • A new look, and a new energy
  • The wake-up call Kim needed to take her business to a new level
  • Following someone else’s roadmap
  • How trusting myself became my most profitable strategy
  • Recognizing there is more than one path to success
  • How to know if you are in alignment with your goals & strategies
  • Learning to slow down, and check in with yourself


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