Slowing Down to Speed up: Expanding your Emotional Bandwidth with Dana Shamas

“There are as many forms of meditation as there are humans.” – Dana Shamas

Episode Summary:

Whether through breathwork, therapeutic yoga, or meditation – it’s important to slow down so that you can get more in tune with your own intuition and experience more joy and happiness. In this episode, Dana Shamas shares the importance of meditation, breathwork, and getting in tune with our own intuition. 


About Dana Shamas:

Dana’s engaging spirit and infectious laughter uplifts and inspires her audiences. She supports leaders to sync their business with wellness, enabling them to be at peak performance whilst maintaining strong mental and emotional health. With 15 years of experience in transitional economies and entrepreneurship, she is a master of walking forward into the unknown. She loves sharing the tools you need to maintain your connection to clarity and peace, even in a chaotic and volatile world. Dana has lightened the lives of countless individuals and empowered them to live a more fulfilling and aligned life


In today’s episode:

  • From Goldman Sachs to teaching intuition and leadership
  • How to use breathwork, energy work, and meditation to become more aligned
  • Favorite self-care practices
  • How to use intuition on a daily basis
  • Intuition as a valued asset in the workplace


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