Mind for Success

Kimberly Lebbing

Mind for Success Podcast is for high-achieving entrepreneurs who want to overcome personal and professional hurdles so they can go from stuck to unstoppable. If this is you, join us as I interview other business professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs who share their success stories with you. We’re going to talk about tapping into your highest potential so that you can easily achieve your highest goals.


Prepping for a Hybrid Retirement with Justin Smith

January 25, 2023

Are your investments and financial resources aligned to support the life you want? Justin Smith joins MFS to offer the key ways executives and entrepreneurs can begin minimizing their taxes and create a plan for what’s next. Don’t forget to download Justin’s free workbook to help you begin planning for the life you want!


Taking Quantum Leaps in Life and Business with Michael Harris

January 18, 2023

Multi-preneur, author and coach, Michael Harris joins Mind for Success to demonstrate the amazing possibilities and what you can achieve when you have the right mindset. Start sharing the right message, YOUR message, and see what quantum leaps you take in life!


5 Shifts Every Entrepreneur Can Make to Achieve Their Goals with Kim Lebbing

January 11, 2023

Would you like to gain more clarity, and more focus is your work life, your relationships, and your home life? Kim Lebbing shares 5 simples shifts every entrepreneur, businessowner, parent, and person can make to get rid of the things that are holding them back and create a better future!


How High-Performers Explode their Business with Kim Lebbing

January 4, 2023

Are you second-guessing yourself, making excuses, being inconsistent, and lacking clarity in your business or personal life? In this week’s episode, Kim shares how high-performers are gaining focus, aligning themselves with their goals, and breaking through the subconscious barriers holding them back.


Opening Worlds of Opportunity Through Empowered Financial Planning with Eunicia Peret

December 28, 2022

Do you have the right tax and financial team in your corner? Eunicia Peret helps her clients achieve their ultimate goals by thinking outside of the box and putting together tax strategies, and financial plans that put the clients goals and interests first!


How any Entrepreneur Can Become a Millionaire with Paul Halme

December 21, 2022

Saving and investing doesn’t have to be scary! Paul Halme shares some easy-to-follow tips to start saving today to make you a millionaire. Don’t wait any longer, start saving and prepare for your future today.


How to Gain Focus in a World of Shiny Objects with Kim Lebbing

December 14, 2022

Do you find yourself struggling to focus throughout the day? As entrepreneurs and business owners, focus is an important part of our day. In this episode Kim Lebbing gives us the tools to regain focus, by finding the root problem, and re-training our brains to find a new way to work, that helps us focus and become more productive than ever!


The Process of Productivity with Chelsey Newmyer

December 7, 2022

Finding your productivity mode is not the same for everyone! Chelsey Newmyer is a productivity coach and today she shares with us some of the biggest mistakes we all make when trying to be productive. Learn from Chelsey how to be your most productive self by accepting who you are and working with your strengths.