Out of Alignment: Being in Tune with Your “Second Act Career” with Shannon Russell

                                         “Be really strategic about what your next steps are.” – Shannon Russell


Episode Summary:

What job can I do while being a mom and being present for my kids? Shannon Russel was struggling with these questions and feeling stuck between how to provide for her family, but have time for her kids. After much soul searching she made the choice to produce her own lie, and launch her own franchise. Giving her the freedom to be the mom she always wanted, and a job that aligned with everything she values most!


About Shannon Russell:

Shannon Russell is a Television Producer turned mom, turned entrepreneur, turned Career Coach, and host of the Second Act Success Podcast. Shannon spent over 16 years as a Television Producer in New York City and Los Angeles. She then decided to stop producing shows for others and start “producing” her own life. 

Shannon pivoted to open her own business running a successful Snapology franchise teaching children STEM education. After being asked my so many people how she made such a drastic career change, Shannon launched a second business with Second Act Success (www.secondactsuccess.co), where she coaches women to “produce” their best life by changing careers, starting a business, and following their creative passions to the fullest. 

Shannon shares her journey from television executive to business owner and mom, through her Second Act Success Podcast, as she interviews inspirational women who have made the leap into a career change and transitioned into a happier healthier human. Shannon hopes to motivate more women to make big moves in life and follow their dreams through her businesses and podcast. After all, we have one life to live so why not have many careers and adventures along the way!


In today’s episode:

  • Shannon’s story of a successful TV career to a successful entrepreneur
  • How an opportunity to interview Carrie Underwood helped Shannon get clear on what she wanted
  • Life of a busy career mom
  • Designing a career that fits your life
  • The number one struggle in a career change
  • Golden tips to make the career transition
  • And so much more!


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