Navigating the Path to Success: Insights from a Former Tech Leader Turned Executive Coach Limor Bergman

“Having a strong brand will allow you to get more opportunities.” –  Limor Bergman

Episode Summary:

In this episode of Mind for Success, host Kim Lebbing sits down with Limor Bergman, a former tech director turned Executive Coach, to explore strategies for personal and professional growth. Limor draws from her extensive experience in the tech industry, where she spent over 20 years as an engineer, manager, and director of engineering. She shares valuable insights and practical tips on topics such as branding oneself for promotion, optimizing LinkedIn profiles, networking as an introvert, and building relationships in the workplace. Limor’s passion for supporting women in tech shines through as she discusses her role as a mentor and her podcast, “From Woman to Leader.” Join us as we delve into the challenges and opportunities faced by women in today’s rapidly evolving professional landscape.


About  Limor Bergman:

Limor Bergman has been a mentor for women in tech for over five years and a former director of engineering. For over 20 years, she worked in tech as an engineer, manager, and director of engineering. She was always passionate about supporting women in tech.

She knows firsthand what it is like being a woman in a male-dominant field and all the challenges women face in the tech industry. Two years ago, upon her return to Israel after nine years in the US, she decided to follow her calling and support women’s career growth. 

Women she works with tell her that working with her enabled them to continuously tear down “ceilings” by challenging them to think bigger. They also say she opened their eyes to a new way of contributing to their careers. Women she works with can achieve the goals and more in 1/3 of the time they thought it would take them. She works with individuals and organizations that support women’s career growth in the tech industry.


In today’s episode:

  • From Tech Leader to Executive Coach
  • Branding yourself for promotion
  • LinkedIn profile tips
  • From Woman to Leader podcast
  • Networking as an introvert
  • Building relationships in the workplace


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About Kim Lebbing:

Entrepreneurs and professionals seek Kimberly Lebbing’s services to uncover their subconscious limitations because many feel out of alignment with their business or relationships and don’t know why or how to shift them.

With her intuitive guidance, she empowers them to shift their energy from confusion to clarity, frustration to fulfillment, and transform into new energy so that their businesses and relationships become easier and lighter.

With over 796 Hours of Training, 5 Expert Level Certifications in Neuro-linguistics-based Transformational Coaching, and 14 Top-Level Trainings from 3 different programs over the last eight years, she has studied and intuitively extracted the best elements to create her own proven process so that her clients can experience true transformation and alignment with their goals at a soul level.


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