Key Strategies to Navigate the Great Resignation with JB Andrews

“If you help people fulfill their personal needs, they’re most likely going to be happier as an individual and also happier in  their role.” – JB Andrews


Episode Summary:

The great resignation has affected  many companies following the Covid-19 pandemic. How are they fairing now? JB Andrews joins the Mind for Success podcast to discuss the key struggles when hiring and retaining employees, and how companies can improve their hiring and onboarding processes to structure for sustainable growth!


About JB Andrews:

Stark and Associates have been a Sales and Leadership development firm in STL for 22 years, where they train, coach, develop and consult with small to mid-sized businesses. J.B. brings both youthful energy and experience to the table. He is uniquely able to understand the communication gaps between generations within the workforce that hinder business results. He has spent the last six years focused on working with clients in the manufacturing/distribution and construction space that are frustrated or motivated along the lines of sales.


In today’s episode:

  • The spontaneity of consulting sales teams and small businesses
  • The biggest struggle small businesses are facing today
  • Best practices in hiring and onboarding new employees
  • Strategies that smart companies are using to combat the great resignation
  • Growing internally- a new way to approach business growth post-pandemic
  • And lots more…


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