Improving Communication Through Improv with Diane Kettering

Episode Summary:

Diane Kettering is the CEO of Echo Catt, a company focused on team building.

Diane and her company are the game changer when it comes to corporate team building. They help companies and teams enhance their positive culture, improve communication, boost team and individual confidence, understand the value of collaboration, and master their public speaking.


About Diane:

Diane Kettering has been in the sales industry for over 30 years. Helping team members find their gifts and reach their goals has always been a passion of hers. After attending various workshops on personality styles, team building and improv classes she discovered a fun and effective way to sharpen soft skills. It was then she created Echo CATT Corporate Team Building and Entertainment.

Echo CATT is a game changer when it comes to corporate team building. Their workshops are designed to be effective and time efficient. After only 1 hour you will witness results. Each session is customized to fit your team’s needs. Workshops are conveniently held at your workplace or reserved venue.


In today’s episode:

  • the value of team building
  • improving necessary work skills through improv
  • ways to improve public speaking
  • managing the stress of returning to work after the pandemic
  • the challenges of being a multi-preneur
  • the power of laughter


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