How any Entrepreneur Can Become a Millionaire with Paul Halme

“Everybody is so scared to talk about investing, it’s not a scary thing.” – Paul  Halme


Episode Summary:Saving and investing  doesn’t have to be scary! Paul Halme shares some easy-to-follow tips to start saving today to make you a millionaire. Don’t wait any longer, start saving and prepare for your future today.


About Paul Halme:

Paul Halme went from working as a stockbroker for a major Wall Street firm to Entrepreneur.  He now specializes in helping Entrepreneurs fix their finances and then buy assets to create passive income.


In today’s episode:

  • The fastest way to fix an entrepreneur’s finances.
  • The secret to building wealth.
  • The difference between trading and investing.
  • How everyone can become a millionaire.
  • Developing a money mindset.


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