Hope and Help: the Power of a Story with Nancy Erickson

“I love for people to tell their stories, I love to hear them, I love to shape them.” – Nancy Erickson


Episode Summary:

Have you ever thought about writing a book? Nancy Erickson helps entrepreneurs, and non-fiction writers write the high-impact story they have always wanted to tell. Share your message with the world with a well told story today!


About Nancy Erickson:

Nancy Erickson, The Book Professor® coaches business professionals to become authors of high-impact nonfiction books that will establish them as experts in their fields, increase their credibility, help attract a following, and expand their business. 

Nancy Erickson is the owner of two book-related businesses, The Book Professor® and Stonebrook Publishing, an award-winning nonfiction publishing house. In 2022, she was named a Top 10 Book Coach in the US by The Coach Federation.


In today’s episode:

  • The journey from technical sales to being a book writing coach and publisher.
  • How your story can transform lives and help showcase you as an expert in your field.
  • The book writing process made simple.
  • Helping non-writers become high-impact authors.
  • The cost of writing a book.
  • The 3 things a book should do for you: establish you as an expert, increase your credibility, and help attract a following.


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