Harnessing Your Spidey Senses: The Hidden Language of Authentic Connection


Have you ever run across a salesperson or someone in networking who rubbed you the wrong way?

I know you know what I mean. Their energy felt “off,” and you probably couldn’t wait to get away from them. They probably didn’t have to say a word.

Your internal spidey sense kicked in, and you ran the other way.

Most of our communication is non-verbal. In fact, a staggering 70%.

Here’s another way to say it…

It’s the energy we show up in. Our “vibe,” so to speak.

There is a science behind that “vibe.”

When we meet someone new, we have 5 seconds. Yes, 5 seconds for them to make a decision on whether they like us or not.

In order to be able to connect and make an impact in this world, you MUST know how to shift your energy and the hidden language behind it so that your prospects and potential referral partners can trust you and connect with you.

One of the best ways to do this is first to shift your energy. When you shift the subconscious barriers that might get in the way of true authentic connection, people respond differently and are more eager to connect with you. 

Like you, other people have spidey senses where they can sense, whether you are aware of it or not if you lack confidence, are a people pleaser, or are not feeling worthy of your success.

They can feel it and will respond accordingly.

What would be possible in your business AND your personal life if you could have deeper, more genuine connections?

Not only would you be in tune with your spidey senses, but other people would also feel different around you. 

You would be making more aligned connections. 

If this resonates with you and you want to explore what might be getting in the way of your spidey senses, reply to this email or see my calendar link below to book a call. 

To Your TOTAL Alignment,


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