From Resistance to Resilience with Kim Lebbing

“When we can validate the reason that we held onto that, it’s much, much easier to shift that and let it go.” -Kim Lebbing


Episode Summary:

In today’s episode, we explore the resistance people often feel when confronting their subconscious barriers. We discuss what’s really going on subconsciously and why we want to hold on to behaviors and patterns even though they don’t serve us. 


In today’s episode:

  • Secondary gain
  • Why it’s hard to quit smoking.
  • What we gain
  • The power of validation


About Kim Lebbing:

Entrepreneurs and professionals seek Kimberly Lebbing’s services to uncover their subconscious limitations because many feel out of alignment with their business or relationships and don’t know why or how to shift them.

With her intuitive guidance, she empowers them to shift their energy from confusion to clarity, frustration to fulfillment, and transform into a new energy so that their businesses and relationships become easier and lighter.

With over 796 Hours of Training, 5 Expert Level Certifications in Neuro-linguistics-based Transformational Coaching, and 14 Top-Level Trainings from 3 different programs over the last eight years, she has studied and intuitively extracted the best elements to create her own proven process so that her clients can experience true transformation and alignment with their goals at a soul level.

She is an international best-selling author in the “INTENTION: Deconstructing G.R.I.T. Collection,” where she writes about “Embracing the Storms.” She loves the outdoors, traveling, and connecting with nature as much as possible.


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