From Burnout to Breakthrough: Tracy’s Secrets to Preparing Your Business for Sale with Tracy Gunn

“I love being able to build something from nothing.” – Tracy Gunn


Episode Summary:

Join us as we dive into an inspiring conversation with Tracy Gunn, a serial entrepreneur who transformed her burnout into a remarkable breakthrough. Tracy shares her personal journey of recovering from burnout and reveals the three crucial steps to successfully exit your business. Discover why small businesses play a vital role in our economy and learn what buyers value most when considering a business purchase. Tracy also unveils the importance of creating an exit strategy and provides valuable insights on growing your business for profitability. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the different exit options available to your business and gain the knowledge you need to embark on your own path to a successful and lucrative exit. Don’t miss this enlightening episode filled with practical advice and Tracy Gunn’s expert secrets for preparing your business for sale.


About Tracy Gunn:

Tracy Gunn is a serial entrepreneur who spent the last 16 years launching and running four businesses.  Until she burnt out – but couldn’t sell. But she fixed the business and found a buyer within three months.

Now, she helps business owners to prepare for exit, so they can know the precise steps to ensure that they can fix their business – so they can work less, make more, and create a sellable business so they can get their BIG Exit.


In today’s episode:

  • How to recover from burnout: Tracy’s story
  • Three steps to exit your business
  • Why small business is important 
  • What buyers want most in a business
  • How to create an exit strategy and why you should
  • How to grow your business for profitability 
  • What exits are available to your business?


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