From Abandonment to Abundance: A Journey of Redemption with Deb Curtis

“Nobody really talks about this, no one teaches this to you in school, and that’s what I do.” –  Deb Curtis


Episode Summary:

In this inspiring episode, the focus is on empowering women and individuals with diverse backgrounds, our guest, Deb Curtis, shares her remarkable story of overcoming abandonment and professional adversity.

Deb’s personal experiences have fueled her passion for transforming hardships into opportunities for empowering others, particularly those from minority populations such as women and people of color.

As the founder of a successful woman-owned small business and a recovering top-performing former corporate employee, Deb brings a unique perspective and a wealth of stories to the conversation. Her ability to connect with the audience through both vulnerability and professionalism is truly captivating.

Listeners can expect to hear Deb’s authentic and graceful insights, sharing her experiences, hurts, and successes. 

Through this episode, “Mind for Success” aims to empower its loyal audience of listeners, providing them with valuable lessons, practical tips, and inspiration to embrace their own journeys of growth, and resilience.


About Deb Curtis:

Deb Curtis is a remarkable woman who has overcome many obstacles in her personal life and professional journey. 

She is the founder of a woman-owned small business, a recovering top-performing former corporate employee, and a passionate advocate for promoting diversity and inclusivity in entrepreneurship.

This inspiring woman has a unique ability to connect with her audience through meaningful conversations that are both vulnerable and professional. 

With a wealth of stories to share, she is sure to captivate and inspire a loyal audience of listeners.

Having faced adversity in a male-dominated industry, this dynamic entrepreneur is on a mission to educate and empower minority populations, including women and people of color, to climb the ladder of business ownership by acquiring established profitable small businesses, with the SBA – Small Business Administration.

Deb will share her experiences, insights, hurts, and successes with authenticity and grace while inspiring your audience of loyal listeners.


In today’s episode:

  • Empowering women and people with diverse backgrounds
  • Deb’s inspiring story of abandonment and professional adversity
  • Facing and overcoming silent toxicity in the corporate world
  • Strategies to overcome gender discrimination
  • Transforming hardships into empowering others
  • Unmasking the Introvert’s journey for love and acceptance


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