Finding Opportunity in a Recession Market with Colette Portis

“Every opportunity is about preparation and planning” – Collette Portis


Episode Summary:

Don’t let the fear of a recession get you down, a recession can be a good thing for entrepreneurs and business owners if you see it from Collette’s point of view. Start looking at it like the world has gone on sale, and position yourself to grow and prosper during the tough times!


About Collette Portis:

Collette Portis/CEO of RED Development Group, is a master business coach. With a proven 20-year track record of 100% success rate. Offering expertise in helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives develop their roadmap to business expansion and sustainability. Ultimately leading to a lasting legacy.


In today’s episode:

  • The opportunities in a recession market
  • There’s a sale going on; are you prepared to buy?
  • Being prepared by knowing where you are
  • One piece of advice all small business owners should know
  • “Thou Shalt Prosper”
  • Evaluate, create, execute!
  • CEOs finish strong


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