Creating a Win-Win Residual Income Business

About Joe:

Joe Rockey Jr created a successful real estate career beginning in the immediate aftermath of the recession of 2009. Over the years he has seen people live and work from a wide array of vantage points. Currently, Joe operates multiple rentals, flips, rent-to-owns, and networking companies on a professional level. In the unpaid arenas of life, he runs the podcast Father and Joe – where they attempt to return individuals to a place of faith in their lives.  

In today’s episode:

  • Joe shares his backstory of how he got started in real estate investing
  • Finding the right partners and employees for your business
  • How to cut out the problems of your business
  • How to systemize different aspects of your business to create more freedom for yourself
  • How “The Father and Joe” podcast came to be during a time of division in our nation

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