Coaching Trio: Behind-the-Scenes with 3 Transformational Experts with Kim Lebbing, Juliana Ashley and Peige Rosales

                                                                   The Coaching Equation: OUTCOME = POTENTIAL – INTERFERENCE


Episode Summary:

What is coaching? Tune in to this special edition episode as Kim invites TWO guest coaches to join her in giving a behind-the-scenes look into coaching. If you’ve ever thought about hiring a coach or wondered what it’s all about, get to the heart and soul of coaching with three expert coaches today!


About Coach Juliana Ashley:

Juliana is a Leadership and Executive Coach. Her work focuses on the intersection of leadership, emotional intelligence, and strategy. Juliana works with Senior Leaders to expand their capacity to lead, build high-performing teams and execute an organization’s strategy.

A former litigation attorney, Juliana has over 20 years of experience in law, the corporate world, and television reporting. In addition, Juliana spent many years learning and performing comedy improvisation. She combines her analytical and creative skills to provide dynamic facilitation and create sustainable change with her clients. 

Juliana is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF). She has advanced training and certifications in Leadership, Executive and Team Coaching. 

Juliana has two adult(ish) children and lives with her husband in Houston, TX. She unleashes her creativity through hip-hop dance and comedy improvisation. 


About Coach Peige Rosales:

Dream-Seer, Yoga Teacher, Word Nerd, and Coach

“That dream you’re hiding is waiting to come true!”

After 35 years of working in schools, private and nonprofit organizations, and government agencies–and working HARD to be conventional enough to get by–Peige Rosales has popped out of her cocoon!  She works with groups and individuals, using gentle movement to help her clients get out of their heads and uncover the desires of their hearts. Peige’s ability to listen with deep compassion helps each client give voice to those hidden truths that are stepping-stones on the way to fulfilling their life’s purpose. Using this dream as the compass, Peige supports her client as they learn new skills and ways-of-being, making their dream vision their new reality.  Peige says, “I believe that each person has the capacity to change our world. When we allow ourselves to listen to that dream deep in our hearts–to paint that canvas, write that book, change that job, speak that truth– we begin to become who we were born to be IN THIS MOMENT. When we begin to live from our hearts we change our world, and that changes everything.” 


In today’s episode:

  • An inside look at transformation
  • Coaching hot seat with Juliana and Peige
  • The difference between accountability and transformational coaching
  • How using our unique gifts or magic can impact both our clients and our communities
  • And so much more…


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Connect with Juliana Ashley:

  • Phone: 713.628.1167
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Connect with Peige Rosales:

     These days, Peige is working with individual clients online and is planning retreats in the U.S. and Europe. You can book a call with her to explore working together here:  



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