Breaking Free from Imposter Syndrome with Kim Lebbing

“I’m not as good as what they think I am, that got me here.” – Imposter Syndrome

Episode Summary:

Imposter syndrome. We’ve all experienced it in some way. According to Merriam-Webster, imposter syndrome is understood as a false and sometimes crippling belief that one’s successes are the product of luck or fraud rather than skill. In this episode, Kim dives into the deeper beliefs behind imposter syndrome, common ways that it shows up in business and in relationships, and some specific tools on how you can overcome it. 


In today’s episode:

  • What is imposter syndrome?
  • Understanding imposter syndrome
  • The cycle of proving
  • Common ways imposter syndrome shows up in a business
  • Roller-coaster results and procrastination
  • The deeper beliefs behind imposter syndrome
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • The power of affirmations & visualization

About Kim Lebbing:

Entrepreneurs and professionals seek Kimberly Lebbing’s services to uncover their subconscious limitations because many feel out of alignment with their business or relationships and don’t know why or how to shift them.

With her intuitive guidance, she empowers them to shift their energy from confusion to clarity, frustration to fulfillment, and transform into a new energy so that their businesses and relationships become easier and lighter.

With over 796 Hours of Training, 5 Expert Level Certifications in Neuro-linguistics-based Transformational Coaching, and 14 Top-Level Trainings from 3 different programs over the last eight years, she has studied and intuitively extracted the best elements to create her own proven process so that her clients can experience true transformation and alignment with their goals at a soul level.


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