Living Life Like a Playground: the Mindset Shift from Victim to Inspiring Leader Anthony Amunategui


Anthony Amunategui shares incredible insights and inspirations with the Mind for Success podcast this week. From his personal journey shifting his victim mindset to become the successful business owner and leader he is today, to how he is helping others conquer their imposter syndrome and negative character traits through his podcast and men’s groups!

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The Surprising ROI of Gratitude with Steve Buzogany


Why give out a “swag bag” that is going to end up in the garbage when you can give out a truly meaningful gift that shows your appreciation to not just your clients, but also your employees! Steve Buzogany joins MFS to talk about the importance of gratitude and how your business WILL grow when your clients feel truly appreciated and acknowledged.

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Key Strategies to Navigate the Great Resignation with JB Andrews


The great resignation has affected many companies following the Covid-19 pandemic. How are they fairing now? JB Andrews joins the Mind for Success podcast to discuss the key struggles when hiring and retaining employees, and how companies can improve their hiring and onboarding processes to structure for sustainable growth!

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Prepping for a Hybrid Retirement with Justin Smith


Are your investments and financial resources aligned to support the life you want? Justin Smith joins MFS to offer the key ways executives and entrepreneurs can begin minimizing their taxes and create a plan for what’s next. Don’t forget to download Justin’s free workbook to help you begin planning for the life you want!

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