A Mindset that Solves Problems & Creates Opportunities with Mike Swaleh

Episode Summary:

Understand how mindset affects your team and how you can use stories to connect with and motive your team. Mike Swaleh is a serial entrepreneur and he shares his tips on successful problem solving, and moving forward as a business!


About Mike Swaleh:

Mike Swaleh is a serial entrepreneur, with 6 businesses, and 15 years in the mortgage industry. Mike is the area manager for Fairway Mortgage with 3 branches (2 in STL and one in Destin, FL). He is a husband and father, an avid sports fan, and an aspiring Renaissance Man. Proud to be part of a company that believes in doing the right thing, doing it the right way, and giving back to our communities, our clients, and our Veterans. We create relationships by doing loans the FAIR way.

Michael Swaleh is a long-time student and teacher in the mortgage industry, but his path and experiences are a little different. Originally licensed as a Financial Advisor, Mike moved to mortgages in 2006 around the time he earned his Master’s in Business Administration. Quickly, he rose to the management ranks due to an unrelenting focus on accountability, quality, and expectation setting. In 2013, he had the opportunity of a lifetime to star on Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” as leader of the Tikka Tikka Taco truck. He brought with him his Army veteran brother and their uncle, and they sought to win a food truck! After two months, and seven grueling episodes, they took 2nd place out of 8 teams. It was through this endeavor that he was introduced to the world of web-based marketing and Lead Gen. Mike has done it all and has a lot to share. He graduated with a B.S. in Commerce from Santa Clara University in 2005. Today, his days are focused on growing his team and creating LEADERS.


In today’s episode:

  • Serial entrepreneurship
  • Using stories to motivate team
  • Roombas and wind-up cars- how mindset affects the team
  • Successfully solving issues and moving forward as a business
  • Being the CEO of your business
  • Success shortcut- Learning from other people’s mistakes


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