5 Shifts Every Entrepreneur Can Make to Achieve Their Goals with Kim Lebbing

“Whenever  we use words that are  universal, it brings focus on what we don’t want.” – Kim Lebbing


Episode Summary:

Would you like to gain more clarity, and more focus is your work life, your relationships, and your home life? Kim Lebbing shares 5 simples shifts every entrepreneur, businessowner, parent, and person can make to get rid of the things that are holding them back and create a better future!


About Kim Lebbing:

Entrepreneurs and high achievers hire Kim Lebbing to overcome personal and professional hurdles because most of them are frustrated, stuck and struggling with their business or relationships and they don’t know why or how to fix it.

She helps them go from confusion to clarity, frustrated to fulfilled, and stuck to unstoppable – in 4 hours or less!

Kim has over 796 Hours of Training, 5 Expert Certifications, and 14 Top-Level Training in NLP & Evolved NLP, from 3 different programs over the last 8 years which means that she has studied and extracted the best elements of a very complex process so that you can experience rapid results in as little as 4 hours – instead of months or even years.

Through her extensive experience, she’s developed a proven 4-step process that starts with her 4-Hour Rapid Results program and can get you unstuck so you can have greater focus and clarity, and fulfill your highest potential.

She is a featured speaker and has been an expert guest on multiple podcasts and featured in magazine articles. She is the host of the “Mind for Success” podcast.


In today’s episode:

  • How struggling with focus and clarity can leave you paralyzed
  • Adjusting your language to have more focus
  • The deeper reason behind lack of focus and clarity
  • Tips you can do now to get past the brain clutter


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